Jessica Kincaid

Current Projects

Winter 2017

  • The Random Abstract Art Generator

    Currently, I am an artist in residence at the Charlotte Street Foundation Studios on the 6th Floor of the Town Pavilion in Kansas City, Missouri. Every trip to my studio is a thrill.

    In 2015 I began coding websites, and made a transition from visual thinker to a much more analytical and logical mode of problem solving.

    I created mnemonics to help myself divide sections of the web page. For shapes that were positioned "relative," I used the background color red, and those positioned "absolute" were blue.

    I gave different background colors to the other shapes based on their placement.

    Beadwork helps me to commit information to memory like taking notes during a class by writing them by hand. One bead at a time, I internalize the proportions and symbols in the code.

    My Random Art Generator changes the colors according to the rules described above.

  • abstract digital prints.

    Jessica Kincaid, "#reds: relative;", inkjet prints. sizes vary. 2017.

    beaded touchscreens.

    Jessica Kincaid, "touchscreens", glass beads, thread. sizes vary. 2016.